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Open Cell or Closed Cell?

What Type of Foam is Correct For My Application?

Now that you understand some of the benefits of spray foam insulation it is important to understand the different types of foam insulation. Use our Foam Selection Tool to help you determine the best foam for your application. Simply answer the series of questions and we will suggest the best foam for your job.

There are two primary types of foam, open cell foam and closed cell foam. Selecting the correct foam for your application is absolutely critical to get the most our of your foam insulation.

As you might be able to guess from the name the difference between the two is how the cells form in the foam. When the chemical components in open cell foam react they form open, or broken, cells that trap air inside of the foam. This trapped air makes the foam a lighter, fluffier foam that is great at insulating and deadening sound. 

When the chemical components in closed cell foam react they form cells that are closed and do not contain air. This creates a tightly packed foam structure that has a high insulation value. This tightly packed foam is much more dense foam that is able too withstand moisture and can be used whenever moisture is present. 

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Sheaffer Spray Foam offers open cell foam and closed cell foam insulation services in Lancaster PA and surrounding areas.

Sheaffer Spray Foam proudly sprays GACO WESTERN open cell foam and closed cell foam insulation.

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