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Why Choose Spray Foam?

You may have hear about foam insulation from a friend, read about it in a magazine, or you may have seen it on a home improvement show. Maybe you just stumbled upon this website and this is your first time reading about foam insulation. 

Regardless of your level of knowledge with foam insulation you are probably asking yourself: why would you spend more money on foam insulation when you could go with a cheaper form of insulation? Insulation is one of the single most important systems in your home when it comes to lowering your utility bills, improving indoor air quality, and improving overall building strength. The bullet points below highlight a few of the benefits that spray foam insulation offers over conventional forms of insulation. There are many more benefits to spray foam insulation that are not listed below, please contact us to discuss additional benefits of foam insulation.

  • Reduced Energy Bills – Nearly 40% of the energy in a building is lost due to air infiltration. Home owners that have homes insulated with spray foam may experience heating and cooling bills that are 30% - 40% lower than conventionally insulated homes.
  • Improved Air Quality – Spray foam insulation expands to seal the gaps and cracks in the building envelope. Sealing the building envelope eliminates locations for outdoor pollutants, rodents and pest to enter the home.   
  • Reduce Mold Growth - Unlike standard fiberglass batt insulation spray foam insulation does not provide a food source for mold to start and grow. This is particularly useful for applications that are in moist environments or below ground level.
  • Higher R Value Than Standard Insulation – Spray foam insulation provides a higher R-Value per inch than any other standard forms of insulation.
  • No Sagging or Settling - Unlike fiberglass insulation or blown in cellulose insulation foam will not sag inside of a wall. Over time most conventional insulation settles which creates un-insulated areas that allows air infiltration.
  • Improved Building Strength – Spray foam insulation improves building strength because it glues the building members together. This makes the walls and ceilings work together as one unit which increases overall building strength.

Think spray foam insulation might be a good fit for your project? Still have questions about spray foam insulation? Give Sheaffer Spray Foam a call at 717-687-8018, email us at or contact us.

Sheaffer Spray Foam offers open cell foam and closed cell foam insulation services in Lancaster PA and surrounding areas.

Sheaffer Spray Foam proudly sprays GACO WESTERN open cell foam and closed cell foam insulation.

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