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Based on your answers Closed Cell Foam appears to be the best choice for your project. 

Closed cell foam offers moisture resistance and a higher R-Value per inch than open cell foam. An additional benefit of closed cell foam includes increased structural strength in a wall system. Closed cell foam is a rigid foam that helps to glue and trap the studs in place therefore increasing the overall strength of a wall.

More information can be found on our Open or Closed Cell foam page.

Still have questions about spray foam insulation? Give Sheaffer Spray Foam a call at 717-687-8018, email us at or contact us.

Sheaffer Spray Foam offers open cell foam and closed cell foam insulation services in Lancaster PA and surrounding areas.

Please Note that this guide is only intended as a tool to help educate you. Please consult Sheaffer Spray Foam to select the best foam for you application.

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